Pushup Workout


    This pushup workout revolves around the most used exercise in the history of mankind. Pushups are without a doubt the most popular exercise of all time and I remember as a little kid testing to see how many pushups I could do at once. Although the number of pushups that I did weren’t very impressive I was still enamored with the exercise. In this article you’re not only going to discover the ultimate pushup workout but how you can manipulate the exercise to train different muscles and burn more fat.

    First I would like to say that I wouldn’t recommend doing this pushup workout if you have a shoulder or chest injury because it could very well likely cause an injury. If you’re unsure if you have an injury or not take the time to see a doctor and have it checked out first before trying this workout. With that being said I’d like to explain how to do a proper pushup if you’re not entirely sure how to do it the right way. Start off by laying face down on the ground and place your palms on the ground directly beneath your shoulders. While keeping your body straight, press into the ground with your hands and push your body away from the ground. Making sure that your on your toes bring yourself all the way up to the top until your elbows are locked out and then slowly lower yourself back down and repeat.

    The secret to doing a pushup workout correctly is to do different variations of the exercise instead of just focusing on a number of repetitions. For the actual workout itself I recommend using a timer to time how long you will do the pushups for and how long you will rest before doing the exercise again. This way both beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts can do the pushup workouts in the same time frame. You could start with doing the pushups for 30 seconds and rest for the same amount of time before doing the pushup again. You could easily mix up the timed sets to mix up the workouts and to make it either easier or more difficult.

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