Getting Back to Brunch


    Today many people get caught up in the culture of faster is better. From smart phones and DVR’s to fast food and social media the pace of life is spinning at a hectic speed and sometimes we all need a moment to put on the brakes and relax. Once a time honored tradition that began in England in the late 1800’s, brunch is a great chance to take a much needed break from modern society and enjoy great breakfast and lunch cuisine with family and friends. Today you can still find elegant and casual banquet facilities, restaurants and special occasion venues that will host a classic Sunday brunch.

    Though many hotels and restaurants now serve brunch on special occasions including Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Easter there are still places that will offer up a Sunday brunch menu on a regular basis. The idea of brunch has always been to get together with family and friends so everyone could catch up from their busy week. Most people work Monday through Friday and will spend Saturday getting to chores and errands they didn’t get to during the week. This means many people will enjoy sleeping in on Sundays and getting up later in the morning, usually past the regular breakfast time. So, the original idea was to encourage people to relax on Sundays and instead of missing breakfast or having lunch too early, combine the two and have what is known as brunch.

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