The Summer Workout For Strength


    Phase 1: Conditioning phase

    Monday: Bench Press 3×10, dumbbell incline press, 3×15, chest flies 2×15-20, dips 3x failure
    Tuesday: cardio day – choose your favorite exercise (running, basketball, tennis, swimming) and perform for 30 minutes
    Wednesday: Off day
    Thursday: Barbell reverse grip rows 3×10, pullups 3x failure, dumbell rows 3×15, reverse pushups 3×10
    Friday; Squats 3×10, romanian deadlift 3×15, lunges 3x 10 (each leg)
    Saturday: 30 minutes cardio
    Sunday: Off day

    This will be your first week of conditioning. This phase will guarantee that your muscles will be able to perform over the long run. This workout is 5 days a week, due to the incorporation of the cardio. Also, the secondary exercises feature a higher rep range and a short rest time. This will make you very tired, but it will greatly improve your conditioning. This phase is dedicated towards keeping your strength up, while at the same time shedding some body fat for the summer. The next phase is the bodybuilding phase.

    Phase 2: Bodybuilding

    Monday: Military press 3×10, close grip incline bench 3×5, tricep pull downs 3×10, close grip pushups 3x failure
    Tuesday: Lat pulldown 3×10, seated rows 3×8, dumbell rows 3×8, seated bicep curls 2×8 (each arm), standing bicep curls 2×8 (each arm)
    Wednesday: Off Day
    Thursday: Squats 3×10, lunges 3×8 (each leg), leg extensions 2x failure
    Friday: Off Day
    Saturday: Romanian deadlift 3×8, hamstring curls 2x failure, step up lunges 3×8 (each leg)
    Sunday: Off Day

    This phase will help to tone your body during the summertime. This phase only consists of working out 4 days a week rather than 5, like the last phase. The reason for this is that this is a muscle building phase. You are trying to build muscle, so you are going to be needing more rest time. However, depending on how much muscle you have, you have the option of doing cardio on your off days also. It all depends on what your specific goals are. This phase will help you pack on muscle and it will help define your body. The final phase is the power phase and this phase will make you stronger and more explosive

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