Treadmill Workouts – Creative Treadmill Walking and Running Routines


    The treadmill is one of the oldest at home workout machines around. Despite how long it has been in existence, it remains one of the best selling pieces of fitness equipment on today’s market. Elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, and rowing machines have all found their own following in the at home fitness industry but none have been able to dethrone the treadmill. Why?

    One big reason is because treadmill workouts are wonderfully simple. Treadmill walking or running is just like normal walking or running and takes no added skill or coordination. Another reason is that few workouts provide the user with more benefits than treadmill workouts. Because of recent technological advances, users can now get very creative with how they run a workout. Below are some examples.

    1) Decline. Many newer treadmill models now come with a decline setting. You can simulate running down hill at a 3-5% decline. This is great for working a completely different muscle group in your legs. It’s also great for extending the time of your workout because you can sort of catch your breath while still running.

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