Boxing For Women – How to Pursue This Sport As a Woman


    The sport of boxing for women has been around for much longer than most realize. Boxing for women and how to pursue this sport as a woman is very much the same as for a man. Womens boxing was first introduced on the world stage as a demonstration event in the Summer Olympic Games in 1904. Unfortunately for women who were interested in this sport it never really gained any footing and was even banned by most nations for several decades.

    Then in 1988 the Swedish Amateur Boxing Association gave its first womens match. However, in the 1970’s here in the U.S. a female boxer by the name of Cathy “Cat” Davis had started her career. She was able to have several of her matches televised and even made the cover of Ring Magazine.However a scandal broke out with the accusation of her matches being fixed and this alone was almost enough to kill the sport.

    With the short history of women boxing understood you may be wondering how you might start a career in women boxing. There are several steps that must be followed if you desire to be successful. The very first thing that must be accomplished is you must get into shape. This will require many hours of running, weight lifting, and other exercises that will enhance endurance. You must be able to develop the muscles required to be able to box. You will also need to create the ability to move around the ring and most importantly not get hit.

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