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Singer Guy Sebastian was forced to take a step back from performing in 2020 but says the one upshot was all of the extra time he got to spend with his family.

And for someone who loves entertaining a crowd as much as Guy Sebastian, it made an already hard year even harder.

“As a musician, 2020 was obviously a very difficult year,” says the multi-platinum Aussie artist.

“Performing in front of live audiences is an element of my work that I am extremely grateful for and I have missed it so much.

“We kind of got back to performing a little bit towards the end of the year but socially distanced audiences don’t have quite the same vibe.

“A lot of my band are based in Melbourne and I have missed performing together with them, so I’m looking forward to when we can all get together and jam again.”

Singer Guy Sebastian reveals his health and fitness secrets.
Camera IconSinger Guy Sebastian reveals his health and fitness secrets. Credit: News Corp Australia, Sam Ruttyn

Exactly when that will be is still anyone’s guess. But despite the challenges of last year, Sebastian says that one upshot is all of the extra time he got to spend with his family.

He even added a new string his ever-growing bow — perfecting a work-life balance.

“[My wife] Jules and I just finished building our dream home, we got a puppy late in January and my boys are six and eight years old, so I have been incredibly grateful for the time we got to spend with each other and hang together as a family, and from that I really learnt the value of balance,” says the 39-year-old.

“I was a bit of a workaholic in the past and now I realise the importance of making room for what matters in life.”

As for his 2021 health goals, Sebastian is going big. But that’s hardly surprising for someone so used to shooting for the stars in everything he does.

“A couple of years ago I undertook the challenge of being on the cover of Men’s Health — it was seriously hard work, but I felt amazing,” he says.

“I literally didn’t eat or drink one bad thing and worked out hard every day for 12 weeks. I need to feel that feeling again so I’m going to try and get a slice of that fitness back into me. Not as hardcore, maybe but close.”


Best life advice

“I named my recent album and upcoming tour T.R.U.T.H. because this is something that I have really learned the value of over the last few years. When you live your life with honesty and integrity, there is nothing that anyone can ever take away from you.”


“Eat all the food! Food is a huge passion of mine. With Malaysian and Indian heritage, food is a big part of our culture and I am always cooking and always entertaining,” he says.

“In general I keep the carb count low. For example I can still enjoy curries but I will eat it over cauliflower rice.

“Things that you’ll always find in my fridge are hot sauce, eggs, another brand of hot sauce, steak and some more hot sauce. Most things taste better with hot sauce!”

Guy Sebastian said he wants to focus on his health and fitness in 2021.
Camera IconGuy Sebastian said he wants to focus on his health and fitness in 2021. Credit: News Corp Australia, Sam Ruttyn


“In the last few years I have developed a pretty serious obsession with golf — it’s great on so many levels, being outdoors, the concentration, when you can play with friends — the company, and of course, the exercise,” Sebastian says.

“So whether I can fit in 18 holes, a quick 9 or a half-hour at the driving range, focusing on golf for a little while helps me get through the rest of the day.”


“I love getting outdoors. I’ve already mentioned golf but I love taking the boys fishing, bike riding, playing cricket with a bunch of mates, going out for a run or taking the dog for a walk,” he says.

“Anything to get outdoors and to get some fresh air, and I love HIIT-style training to stay fit. It shreds you fast if you stick with it and commit. If you go hard and work up a sweat it’s the best way to set up your mind to tackle the day ahead.”

* Guy Sebastian is an ambassador for Nature’s Way range of vitamins and supplements


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