The Rock’s legs are looking insaneThose quads have come a long way.


The Rock’s legs looked like they’d been carved from stone after a midnight workout in a makeshift gym.

The WWE star turned actor is preparing to play a supervillain in the DC Comic film Black Adam and by the way he’s sculpting his body special effects might be superfluous.

“Midnight oil burners,” The Rock posted to his 215 million-strong Instagram following “Training hard (and) dialling in my conditioning for Black Adam. Always be grateful for the grind and remember to have some fun along the way.”

The Rock’s dedication in the gym is legendary and he certainly doesn’t skip leg day.

His strength coach detailed a standard lower body workout a couple of years back and it was filled with hip thrusts, leg presses, safety bar squats and walking lunges with chains.

As well as Black Adam, the man also known as Dwayne Johnson is preparing for this month’s release of Young Rock, a sitcom based on his life.

It explores the complicated relationship The Rock had with his father, Rocky Johnson, who also a pro wrestler.

“Growing up, and you know we specifically went with these timelines in my life that were very defining times at 10 years old, 15 and 18 … there’s a lot of things in between those years that took place,” Johnson said, as reported by People.

“It was complicated and the relationship that I had with my dad was incredibly complicated — that was fuelled by tough love.

“My dad was kicked out of his house at 13 and he was homeless, so that then shaped the man who then raised me.

“And in that complication came an extraordinary life that was full of travel. I lived in 13 different states by the time I was 13 years old, also lived in New Zealand.”

Rocky Johnson is portrayed by Joseph Lee Anderson in Young Rock, and Dwayne praised the American actor’s “tremendous” performance.



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