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“We’re always on the hunt for new ways to improve our fitness, so why not look to the skies for some additional guidance – who knows, there could be something in it,” says Merza. “Whether you think of yourself as a typical version of you star sign or not, it’s an important reminder of just how different we all are. Therefore, your approach should be as unique as you are as you set off on a new path. 

“It’s a great year to experiment, listen to your body and your inner voice and look for wellness solutions that fit your life and the way you want it to look in 2021.”

Check it out below.


Astrologist says: Watch for emotional outbursts around the 11th and 12th of April as things could heat up which could find you breaking your health routine. As you are driven to achieve your goals don’t allow what occurs to take you off course. Use your Arian energy to stay in control as it’s your only way to create success. 

Trainer says:  Things will always happen to distract us and throw us off course. Have your support network in place and make sure you have some options up your sleeve for the times you may need to ‘fill up your energy tank’ rather than take from it – like stretching, deep breathing exercises and meditation.


Astrologist says: With planet Mars figuring strongly in your sign through until 4th March whatever you set your mind on you’ll have the support from the heavens to manifest it all. It’s important to give yourself a weekly treat otherwise you’ll feel deprived and a deprived Bull isn’t a happy one. 

Trainer says: Write down you goals or use visual pics and stick this on your fridge as a motivating reminder. And remember that treats don’t have to be related to food – think of other ways you can give yourself something you’ll enjoy (a movie, new workout clothes, a pedicure etc). Reward the good behaviour, don’t just punish the bad.


Astrologist says: Variety is the name of the game when it comes to the health and fitness of someone ruled by this sign. From the 4th March until the 22nd April it will be all systems go concerning a different approach. Mixing up your fitness routine will be beneficial as you tend to get bored very easily. 

Trainer says: Look for options where there is variety built in, whether that’s small group training or joining a gym so you can chop and change your classes and activities. If you’re feeling extra driven, it really pays off to set some goals about what you want to achieve this year. If you do that, you can mix things up and still stay on track! 


Astrologist says: Food can be an emotional roller coaster ride for you. Your mind will be fully focused from the 22nd April until the 12th June so make the most of it concerning new approaches to your health and fitness. Just watch yourself emotionally on the 9th & 10th July!

Trainer says: For those who know their routines can suffer from emotions and stress, it really pays off to work with a trainer or get yourself involved in a fitness community. Added support can really help, especially if you know you have a particularly stressful time coming up so plan in advance, get some healthy meals delivered and organise training sessions ahead of time to work around commitments. This will help you make it through with as little damage to your progress as possible.


Astrologist says: “I will do it my way as I know what’s best for me” is such a Leo statement! Focusing your energy on the new from the 12th June through until the 30th of July will be extremely beneficial.  Whatever you decide on during this time you’ll stick to for the rest of the year. So don’t give yourself a hard time prior to those dates.  

Trainer says: Take some time to try out some different approaches and workout options so you can make the right decisions for you when the time feels right. Pick a few competitive events to take part in as well and work towards those throughout the year to give you a bigger picture approach. 


Astrologist says: Giving yourself a lot of options is important and everything has to be perfect in your mind before you commit to anything. The 30th July through until the 15th September will be full steam ahead as astrologically, you’ll have the ‘get up and get into it’ energy supporting you.  Determination will be the name of the game.

Trainer says: Try and test out different options so you always have a solid short-list to choose from, depending on your mood. Self-driven activities may work well (like running, swimming) and you may also enjoy group training options where you can compete against yourself and better your result – like Coaching Zone group training that uses monitors to track effort during each session.


Astrologist says: Being the sign of the scales means everything has to be balanced and make sense to you. This approach will be thrown to the wind from the 15th September thanks to planet Mars paying you a visit.  You can expect a lot of change re your approach to food and fitness through until the 31st October. 

Trainer says: Your appreciation for balance is a great foundation to a solid approach to fitness and health. Try combining low intensity workouts such as Yoga or Pilates, with your Strength and Cardio routines so you get the most out of your week. It may pay off to get some initial guidance from a trainer to ensure that your approach will work for you specifically – your body, your goals and your broader life.


Astrologist says: Wow, everything in your life will take on a new flavour 1st November through until the 13th December. Prior to then sticking rigidly to your workout and eating plan will create your desired outcomes. Being the most intense emotional sign, eating when you’re out of balance isn’t good. 

Trainer says: Book in your workout plans ahead of time and mornings may work better for you. You may also benefit from using a fitness tracker to monitor your progress as it’s great to regularly reflect on the improvements you’ve made, which further motivates you to stay on track.


Astrologist says: Being outside playing sport will be top of your fitness to do list. On a bike, swimming, jogging, whatever you’ll never be bored. Slow and steady isn’t the way for you, never has been never will be. Just make sure you sit down when eating and take your time, as you may have some problems with your digestive system this year. 

Trainer says: Be careful with injuries because with enthusiasm can come over-training. Remind yourself that rest days are just as important as training days and try to throw a few activities in the mix that force you to take your energy down a level, like yoga or pilates.


Astrologist says: The energy of transformation is still crowning your sign so now would be an ideal time to get your body, mind, emotions and food intake in order. Being a perfectionist, you have a very disciplined approach to everything you do. A structured eating and exercise plan will be ideal this year as planet Saturn has exited your sign for 28 years.

Trainer says: Get someone to help you put your training and diet plan in order so that there is balance built into it. Ensure you throw in some fun elements, like a Zumba class, or a fun run so that you don’t get stuck in a serious mindset when it comes to your health.


Astrologist says: Okay, it’s your year with both Jupiter and Saturn paying you a visit. Watch for a tendency to want to indulge. Use its energy for excitement and movement. A new exercise program plus a no hassle experience with food would be ideal for you. Time for Freedom from any form of structure! 

Trainer says: Plan ahead with your food so it doesn’t become a hassle – keep your meal choices simple and shop in advance. A fitness ‘bucket list’ is a great way to keep the momentum and excitement going – make a list of new activities and classes you want to try and refer to this list regularly. 


Astrologist says: Idealism rules you concerning food and fitness. Walking will be a great way to keep fit as you journey the year. Being the nurturing sign, you also tend to use food to make you feel good. 

Trainer says: Find small ways to start introducing some physical activity during your day before stepping it up. Make sure your fridge always has some healthy snacks in it so you’re not tempted to reach for comforting food. You may also benefit from a training partner, PT or a group training environment whether others can help you ‘keep it real’.



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