The supermarket ice-creams that are lowest in calories


If your after-dinner ice-cream treat is what’s getting you through this latest lockdown, take comfort in the fact that there are low-calorie options out there that are affordable and available at your local supermarket.

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Personal trainer Tom Johnston of Fit Theory took to TikTok to share his top five low-calorie packet ice-creams — and yes, the Weiss Bar makes the cut! — filming the short video in the freezer aisle at Coles, where all desserts are currently available.

Coming in at 113 calories is one mango Weiss Bar, which is good news for fans of the indulgent treat.

If you’re after a high-protein option that features no added sugar, or artificial sweeteners, the Danone YoPRO 10g Protein ice-creams will only cost you 105 calories per serve.

Next down on the list are the Skinny Cow double chocolate ice-cream sundaes — one cup is 104 calories. The popular chocolate Paddle Pop comes in at 82 calories per serve, and the lowest in calories out of the lot is Peter’s Light and Creamy classic vanilla ice-cream — each block of ice-cream is 70 calories.

Of course, if you’re looking for healthier dessert alternatives there are plenty of options that dip even lower in calories than this list. However if you simply can’t quit your creamy chocolate Paddle Pop treat (we’re with you!) it’s good to know that they get a health expert’s tick of approval.

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