The Best Men’s Leggings for Any Workout


If “leggings” is a term you associate with women’s yoga pants, then think again and keep reading, because you’re seriously missing out. Fan or not, the body-hugging fit of men’s leggings has tons of perks when it comes to dominating your workouts. To name a few: You can wear them for pretty much any fitness activity, the direct skin-to-tight contact means no excess fabric getting in the way, and the compact fit keeps everything, well, comfortably in place. And you can always throw a pair of shorts over them if you’re not down to sport the skin-tight look in public.

What’s more, certain pairs of men’s leggings can actually help regulate your body temp, keeping you warm or cool depending on the fabric. Others offer compression tech to help increase blood flow to your muscles, which keeps them from fatiguing as quickly and ultimately speeds up your post-workout recovery time.

Here, we compiled the top performing pairs of men’s leggings from brands like Fjällräven, Tracksmith, and Nike. The picks below should fit into a range of budgets, and they’re great for every activity—from running to HIIT to yoga, lifting, and more.

The Best Men’s Leggings and Tights

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