The Apple Watch’s best new feature is nearly invisible


When you strap on the new Series 7 Apple Watch, one improvement is immediately obvious — though if you didn’t already know what it is, you mightn’t quite be able to identify what’s changed.

Apple Watch Series 7 review
Introducing the Series 7 Apple Watch. (Apple)

The case of the biggest Series 7 is only a teeny bit bigger than the biggest Series 6 (45mm vs 44mm). Yet Apple has cleverly engineered the Series 7 so its screen size is 20 percent larger than its predecessor — a huge yet strangely subtle improvement. (It’ll be less subtle to longtime Apple Watch users: the screen of the Series 7 is 50 percent larger than the Series 3, which now seems dinky in comparison.)

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The expanded screen of the Series 7 makes the Watch’s apps look super-crisp and allows for new additions like the practical and surprisingly nimble QWERTY keyboard. (I figured my fingers would be too chunky to type on it, yet it works.)

Available from October 15, Series 7 comes in a range of lush new colours: they include forest green, white-gold Starlight, and (my favourite) deep blue-black Midnight. The new Watch also boasts a faster charging time: 0 to 80 per cent charge in 45 minutes. Battery life has long been a sore point among the Watch’s critics, though (unlike my increasingly elderly iPhone) no Apple Watch I’ve worn has ever run out of juice midway through the day — but I concede that’s because I habitually charge overnight.

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Apple Watch Series 7 review

If you do plan to wear your Watch to bed, the updated operating system adds respiratory tracking to its modest list of sleep measurements, which include time asleep, heart rate and blood oxygen. Another upcoming improvement is fall detection; the Watch has long been able to detect falls in everyday life and will soon be able to detect them during workouts too. (Yes, it’s purportedly sophisticated enough to tell the difference between an actual fall and a particularly chaotic burpee.)

Apple Watch Series 7 review

The big question with any Apple product is, of course, how much does it cost. (The answer is always: a lot.)

The Series 7 starts at $599 and, while its expanded screen is beautiful, I’m not sure it’s worth the price of upgrading if you already have a Series 6. (If you want a Watch that’s a little more affordable, look to the SE model — it starts at $429 and is really only missing the ECG and blood oxygen sensors, which in my experience you won’t use much anyway.)

Apple Watch Series 7 review

Here’s some good news about the steep price tag. When you buy an Apple Watch you’re also buying into its increasingly sophisticated ecosystem, which includes the exercise-on-demand platform Fitness+ ($14.99/month, though you’ll get at least a month free to trial it). Its home workouts have got me through lockdown, and I really can’t recommend them enough — the recently added Pilates workouts are brilliantly devilish.

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