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Beth, 23, says:

It was a bit weird at the start. I was lining up waiting to be seated and I’m pretty sure my blind date was standing behind me because he was the only person that was also alone.

He was like “I guess we’re together then”, because he heard me asking about the booking.

We ordered a couple of drinks and and had some dinner.

I could tell he was a bit nervous at the start. He even said “I’m a bit nervous”. But it’s fine. Everyone gets nervous. I think I was fine, but then again my job is talking to random people all the time.

I started the conversation but once we got going Callum seemed more comfortable. The conversation was good. It flowed quite well.

We talked about general stuff like work, and hobbies. He does a lot of sport. He said he plays cricket and also plays soccer.

I’m not really into sport but I guess we have that common interest in fitness. He also goes to the gym and I’m there all the time for work.

He said he’s pretty social on the weekends and likes to hang out with friends and go to bars and I like to do that too.

We went for a drink after the date. It was quite late, so we just had one drink. And it was a Sunday so things tend to close early.

We ended up walking to Northbridge from the city. We chatted for a bit longer. We exchanged socials at the end of the night.

He’s not my usual type. He has the height for sure and he’s a really nice guy. He dressed nice too. But I do tend to like the muscular, rugged look.

We have chatted a few times since but I don’t know if it will go any further. I’m not saying no because you never know. He has messaged me and said “maybe we can catch up sometime”.

Verdict: 8/10

Callum, 26, says:

I was pretty nervous leading up to it. I had to get a pep talk from the boys.

It was definitely nerve-racking at the start. I guess it’s just the unknown of not knowing who you’re meeting.

We were both in line, waiting to find the table.

I didn’t know if she was the person I was coming to see. But she was the only person who was standing in line by herself, so I kind of had a little bit of an idea.

We’ve got a few things that we had in common. We’re both kind of competitive.

We both go to the gym. She’s a PT and I go to the gym four to five times a week. And that got the conversation started.

I asked Beth why she was interested in doing Blind Date. So it’s good to know that she was actually interested and putting herself out there. I guess that’s why I was there as well.

My love of cricket did come up. I mentioned I play cricket, footy, I also play a bit of soccer.

Cricket’s not a big winner with the girls unfortunately. I don’t think many people like cricket. It’s pretty boring.

I’d rather say that I play footy and then people might be interested in that but she mentioned that she wasn’t too big of a sports fan. So that sort of fizzled out pretty quickly.

We were talking about some bad date stories and mini golf came up. I said “how are you at mini golf” and she said she’s very competitive when it comes to mini golf and bowling.

That got the ball rolling about talking about a second date if we were to go on one.

She made me feel really comfortable. I didn’t feel like I was just talking to a stranger.

Beth messaged me after the date and said she had a good time and she wanted to see if we can tee up another time to to meet up and I said “yep sure”.

Verdict: 9/10



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